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"Congratulations. You have won €1,000,000.00 Euros", another dangerous SMS
"Congratulations. You have won €1,000,000.00 Euros", another dangerous SMS

If you receive an SMS claiming that you have won a million euros,be very careful. Most likely we are talking about a scam, one of many, in which they try to get your data.

The last type of SMS that is reaching users from a foreign number is:

"Congratulation. You have won €1,000,000, 00 Euros. Code 766 655 015. For information and Winning claims, send us the email only: [email protected]

If we send an email to that address we do not get the promised million euros, but we do get a millionunwanted mail That is, cybercriminals will use your address to send you spam or advertising later. They could also send you emails with malware , endangering your Internet security, as reported by Panda Labs.

And if it occurs to us to send more data, better for the cybercriminal who uses the hook that you have won a supposed million euros.

"Congratulations. You have won €1,000,000.00 Euros", another dangerous SMS
"Congratulations. You have won €1,000,000.00 Euros", another dangerous SMS

What to do if we receive the SMS?

If we receive an SMS like this or another in which they assure that we have won a prize from Sony, or the lottery, or any other type of gift, the best thing to do isdelete it We directly delete the SMS and omit it, since we have not participated or won any raffle.

We must be wary of these communications that we have not requested and even more so if they come from numbers as strange as this one, which is aforeign number (+44 7812 277209) Likewise, the emails do not have any special domain, but the cybercriminal uses the Google email service, Gmail.

In addition to do not send any communication to said number or email, we must not open a URL address containing the SMS as it could send us to a form to capture our data, or even worse, infect us with malware.

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