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Humm, the free and legal Spotify
Humm, the free and legal Spotify

Although the streaming music segment is dominated by Spotify and Apple Music, every so often new rivals appear trying to gain a foothold. Now we are going to introduce you to Hmm, the free and legal Spotify that wants to change our way of enjoying music, without the usual restrictions on this type of service.

Humm it is a web platform that has more than 50 million songs, and that gives us possibilities such as recommendations or creating playlists. We can open an account to save our settings, and it offers radios based on different genres. As the service is in beta, it also includes a form to suggest improvements.

The truth is that Humm, the free and legal Spotify, works well, includes an extensive catalog and has great sound quality. Where does all this legal music come from? Well, comes from YouTube, but its creators ensure that their page respects the conditions of YouTube itself, so there would be no reason for them to close Humm… as long as Google doesn't react.

In Humm there is no advertising, and those responsible are already working on an app for Android. The truth is that the proposal looks good, although listening to music in the browser is not very comfortable compared to native programs.

Humm, the free and legal Spotify
Humm, the free and legal Spotify

Humm it's legal, but it's not Spotify

Although we compare Humm with Spotify, the truth is that is not at its levelNot only does it not offer the advanced features of Spotify, but the recording industry does not support it. Under these conditions, YouTube could kill Humm in no time.

In fact, we recently introduced an alternative called Wefre, and you're already starting to face with problems Considering the work it does Google with YouTube Music, it seems doubtful that it is okay for others to give away what they themselves want to charge.

Whatever happens in the future, it's clear that right now Humm represents a free and legal Spotify alternative Worth a try, to see if we like it and ultimately we can always come back to Spotify. In the end, there are options for all tastes.

What do you think of Hymm? Do you think it's a good page to replace Spotify or Apple Music, or bet on the best-known platforms?

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