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WhatsApp Web now works on Microsoft Edge
WhatsApp Web now works on Microsoft Edge

WhatsApp, the popular messaging client owned by Facebook, is also made fully compatible with Windows 10. Just a few hours ago the company announced the compatibility of WhatsApp Web with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's quintessential browser that everyone is talking about, thus closing the compatibility circle with Windows 10, both for mobile as desktop.

Windows users have always received WhatsApp updates late. The market share is really low, although with the latest updates and models as interesting as the new Lumia, it is not surprising that WhatsApp has put the batteries to Give your users all the possibilities.

WhatsApp Web has already arrived in Microsoft Edge

Today is a big day for Windows 10 users, as WhatsApp is now compatible with its popular Microsoft Edge browser, such as You can see in the capture that I leave you below. Microsoft had been working with the company for some time to make this happen and it seems that it is finally available to all users.

WhatsApp Web now works on Microsoft Edge
WhatsApp Web now works on Microsoft Edge

From now on, WhatsApp users can access messages stored in the cloud through their Windows 10 browser, chat through WhatsApp Web and have contacts synchronized in real time. All this in a polished interface that will save you the time it takes to open your mobile to answer or read new incoming messages.

As usual, all we have to do is scan the QR code that we can find on the website and synchronize it from the application by taking a picture of the same. The process couldn't be simpler.

WhatsApp grows and gets bigger. We recently learned that it had already reached 1,000 million users and it seems that with this new initiative it will continue to grow much more. We hope that this type of improvement continues and that Facebook continues to surprise us for much longer.

Have you already tried WhatsApp Web in Microsoft Edge? What do you think?

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