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What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?
What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?

Surely more than once or you have ordered food at home or have considered doing so There are several alternatives to request this type of service, from calling the restaurant directly to doing it through an intermediary. Two of those large portals for this purpose, and one of the most important in Spain, that provide us with food directly to our homes are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja

Takeaway food portals are growing, but there are always a few that stand out from the crowd. The large multinational takeaways already have a service dedicated exclusively to them, although there are also other alternatives for smaller businesses that manage all transactions.

Just Eat and La Nevera Roja take your food home

What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja? Well, they are two web portals dedicated exclusively to selling prepared food and taking it home By simply entering your personal data in the service, you will be able to order, based on the types of restaurants that deliver in your area, all kinds of food directly to your door.

The most convenient thing about both services is that you can pay for everything you ask for using credit card, PayPal or in cash, so that the ease of payment could not be better. With the advancement of technology, this allows you to share payments with your partner, family or friends at the click of a button, without having to make a pot on the table and count cent by cent.

What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?
What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?

Both Just Eat and the Red Fridge also have discount codes that we can find from time to time on the Internet. For example, Just Eat discounts 5 euros if you bring a new friend and they create an account, but that doesn't just stop there, since sometimes they make much more interesting coupons available to users, especially on holidays.

What is the difference between Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?

The truth is that there is very little. It depends on which area you are in you may have more restaurants available than in another, but the truth is that that will change very soon.

The two companies have very similar goals and seem to have hit it off. It seems that they are in negotiations and we could soon see how Just Eat absorbs La Nevera Roja, in addition to 4 other similar companies, outside of Spain.

What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?
What are Just Eat and La Nevera Roja?

At the moment they are awaiting the approval of the corresponding Regulatory Bodies, but the merger could become effective during the second quarter of this year 2016If all goes well, we will have a large company in Spain available practically at any time to order food at home.

Both Just Eat and La Nevera Roja offer consumers Spanish, Mexican, Italian, American, Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese food… practically all nationalities, as long as of course, they distribute in your area.

This could be the future of food, especially for restaurants, who see it as another way to make a profit.

What do you think about Just Eat and La Nevera Roja? Did you already know them or have you tried them? Which one do you prefer?

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