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Trick: Play chess on Facebook Messenger
Trick: Play chess on Facebook Messenger

The truth is that Facebook Messenger has become a very complete instant messaging application, despite the fact that in Spain we are more fond of WhatsApp. Today we are going to show you a trick to play chess on Facebook Messenger, which is really curious, despite the fact that the functionality is not finds it too worked.

It has become very common for developers to include funny hidden features in their programs, known as "Easter eggs " in English. In Facebook Messenger they have wanted to add a trick to play chess, logically against the person with whom we speak. Of course, the game will be developed using text commands, something not very intuitive.

The truth is that we have already explained the best tricks for Facebook, but now it's time to play chess, surely more than one will be able to entertain you during idle hours in the office.

How to play chess within Facebook Messenger

To start the game you must enter the command @fbchess play in the conversation with your opponent, and the board will appear instantly. If you use @fbchess play black or @fbchess play white you can choose the color with which you play. Here is a screenshot of a game:

Trick: Play chess on Facebook Messenger
Trick: Play chess on Facebook Messenger

You will get instructions by typing @fbchess help, but the game system isn't too complicated once you learn it. Letter P represents the pawn, R the rook, N the knight, B the bishop, Q the queen and K the king. For example, the command @fbchess Nbd2 would move the b-file knight to the d2 position.

With a command like @fbchess B2xc5 we would capture a piece, specifically a bishop from rank 2 would capture the piece on square c5. With an order like @fbchess e8=Q the pawn in that position becomes a queen, and with @fbchess 0-0-0 we castling. If we want to give up, we must type @fbchess resign There is a lot to memorize!

So you know the trick for playing chess on Facebook Messenger but, when it works with commands, it's impractical. Of course, chess fans will feel comfortable with the system, but the rest 1.500 million Facebook users would have preferred direct control of the pieces with the mouse or by touch.

What do you think about hidden chess on Facebook Messenger? Are you interested in this trick, or do you prefer to chat in this app instead of playing?

Image: littlericher73

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