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Malware spreads to spy on your Skype
Malware spreads to spy on your Skype

The truth is that computer threats are the order of the day, and every day they become more sophisticated. Now we know a malware that spies on your Skype, and that is capable of almost anything: recording calls and videos, collecting text conversations… but also stealing files from your computer and even leave it unusable.

This malware is known as T9000, and it is a greatly improved version of the previous T5000. Right now it appears to be used for very specific purposes, such as spying on human rights activists, the auto industry, and certain Asian governments. But the truth is that it can be perfectly adapted to spy on Skype on any user, because it is very careful software.

And it has the ability to detect the most popular antiviruses to hide itself effectively. As of today, the Trojan virus appears to be spreading via a malicious text file, which uses a number of Windows vulnerabilities to get installed on the computer. Undoubtedly, it is professional malware, with great capabilities.

You can Spy on the sound and webcam with Skype, take screenshots or save text conversations. In addition, it is dedicated to stealing documents from infected computers, and is capable of modifying the file system, which enables it to encrypt the files to quickly disable the computer and make us lose our data.

Malware spreads to spy on your Skype
Malware spreads to spy on your Skype

Custom spying on Skype

At the moment, it seems that T9000 is used in very specific operations. It contacts the control servers, and from there receives orders to customize its actions However, nothing prevents attacks on a larger scale from being carried out, affecting to a higher number of users.

In fact, it is normal for certain malware to first have very specific objectives, but gradually adapting to threaten a greater number of Internet users Of course, it is a serious problem that they spy on our Skype conversations, and that only represents a small part of what T9000 is capable of.

Unfortunately, it is complicated to stay safe from such a professional threat We must keep our operating system and antivirus updated, as well as avoid opening files attachments in the email if it is not essential. Other than that, we can only wait for security specialists to detect these threats in order to neutralize them.

What do you think of this topic? Are you worried about this malware spying on your Skype, or are your conversations not too sensitive either?

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