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"Writing " in WhatsApp, is it in real time?
"Writing " in WhatsApp, is it in real time?

Have you ever despaired when you saw the message "Writing…" on WhatsApp? Surely yes, since in the big Most of it has happened to us, especially when we are waiting for some important news. Although a priori we may think that it is a real-time functionality, the truth is that it does not have to be that way, so let's see in detail how it works to know if it is true or not that the other person is typing while we wait.

WhatsApp has totally changed conversations on the Internet, including relationships, so a good use of this social network is very important and he althy for people. The double check caused a great impact among WhatsApp users but now the problem comes from the dreaded "Writing…" that makes us think that the other sender writes when it may not be doing so.

Is the "Typing of WhatsApp in real time?

WhatsApp uses a communication system called duplex This means that all participants in a conversation can send and receive messages without the other has to wait, something very useful, since it makes it possible to send messages even if the recipient is not connected or does not have an Internet connection.

However, to know exactly what status each individual is in, WhatsApp has made available some indicators such as "Online" or "Writing…", something that is also used by other alternatives to WhatsApp such as Telegram or Facebook.

"Writing…" in WhatsApp, is it in real time?
"Writing…" in WhatsApp, is it in real time?

This intermediate trance between messages sometimes causes stress for users, especially when we are waiting for something important and we see how the other interlocutor does not send us anything during a few seconds Although we may refuse to believe it, this situation is not always the fault of the users, but rather the WhatsApp servers.

From time to time WhatsApp checks if the client is writing, and if so, it communicates it to the other participant in the conversation, but it doesn't happen constantly, as this would require too high data traffic.

"Writing…" is not a 100% effective status that guarantees that the person we are talking to is writing at that precise moment of time, so we don't have to despair.

What do you think of WhatsApp's "Writing…"? Would you rather see what the other person is typing in real time?

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