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Jazztel is now Orange
Jazztel is now Orange

There are a small number of operators in Spain, unless they are not virtual, so it is usually great news when two of them merge to create a larger one. This has precisely happened with Jazztel which is now Orange, and vice versa, after a lengthy agreement that seems to have become effective today in the Mercantile Registry.

Jazztel and Orange are two large operators in Spain and both are leaders in offering a high quality of service to their customers. The purchase of Jazztel by Orange became effective in the middle of last year, however, until this moment they operated separately, each billing independently, but today they are the same company

Jazztel is already Orange, a merger of two giants

It is not uncommon to see how two large operators merge to form one. Vodafone recently absorbed Ono to provide a better quality of service to its fiber optic and ADSL customers, but today it is the turn of Orange and Jazztel.

Yesterday the deed of merger by absorption of Orange to Jazztel was presented in the Mercantile Registry, which is already fully effective in these same moments. Now Orange and Jazztel will compete directly with the offer of Movistar and Vodafone-Ono, each with their respective telephone, Internet and television rates.

Jazztel is now Orange
Jazztel is now Orange

Jazztel customers are also in luck, because this merger will mean that will be able to access the TV offer already offered by Orange for your customers, and probably won't affect the price of current rates. Or at least we all hope so.

In the coming months we will see how the new rates arrive of this newborn operator to attract new customers. It seems that once again we have three large telephone operators in Spain: Movistar, Vodafone-Ono and Orange-Jazztel.

What do you think about Orange merging with Jazztel?

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