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Apple faces a lawsuit over Error 53
Apple faces a lawsuit over Error 53

The lawsuits against Apple are nothing new, but this time it is related to a very serious and worrying issue that could mean a before and later in the company. Apple faces a lawsuit for Error 53.

A couple of days ago we told you about this news, but recently Apple has spoken about it, stating that error 53 is realand can render all iPhones that have Touch ID useless.

There are lawyers who do not see this mistake as correct and that is why they have decided to sue the company because they believe it is another way for Apple to get benefitsmaking people take their phones to official and authorized sites. We will have to see how this finally ends and if the lawsuit prospers.

Error 53, what is it?

The Error 53 popped up a few days ago when someone can't access your phone via Touch ID unlock. This error appears to occur when an iPhone user repairs the Home button at an unauthorized dealer.

If you've made that mistake, it's pretty sure you'll get that error 53 on your screen and leave your phone permanently disabled, preventing you from accessing all your data.

This error has been recognized by Apple itself, although it should be noted that this problem does not affect all iPhones, but only that have Touch ID.

Apple is facing a lawsuit over Error 53
Apple is facing a lawsuit over Error 53

Far from being a bug, this is a security measure that Apple implemented some time ago to prevent your phone from being repaired by unknown. Through this measure, Apple detects if the terminal is being repaired by an unauthorized person and therefore will block the terminal.

This helps them make sure that no one accesses the information stored in Touch ID, which is considered confidential. It is security for us but at the same time it is also a problem for people who do not have an official technical service where to repair their iPhone.

Avoid error 53

There is a simple and easy way to prevent error 53 from appearing on your iPhone and it is simply repair it at authorized sites. In The moment your Home button breaks you should take your phone to an authorized technician and thus you will avoid problems.

What do you think about Apple being sued for error 53?

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