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Twitter now shows the most relevant tweets first
Twitter now shows the most relevant tweets first

In the end, Twitter has indeed decided to change our timeline, and give less importance to chronological order on its microblogging platform. Twitter now shows the most relevant tweets first, even if they aren't the most recent. An important novelty that some will like, and others will find it a serious mistake.

Twitter is not doing well economically, so it does not stop carrying out experiments to get more users Now what you have decided is that, if we haven't entered Twitter for a while, the most important tweets that we have missed will be shown first, with the recent ones first. After this section we'll look at the rest of our timeline, also showing the most current first.

The option arrives today for the web version of Twitter and its apps for Android and iOS Of course, it is optional, for the moment They don't force us to use it. In any case, this content will belong to the people you follow, the section is not designed to suggest third-party content, although the company acknowledges that it works to show tweets from accounts that we do not follow.

This is certainly a major change. Twitter expressly denied that it was going to modify the chronological order of the timeline. He didn't lie to us, but he didn't tell us the whole truth either At the moment, the new functionality must be activated by users manually in their configuration, although we The possibility has not yet appeared to us. It is likely, however, that it will become the default setting over time.

Twitter now shows the most relevant tweets first
Twitter now shows the most relevant tweets first

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Twitter select our content

At its core, what Twitter does is select content, Facebook-style. For that, it uses an intelligent system that estimates our interests, something that is not new for the company either. According to Twitter, showing the most relevant tweets first generates more retweets and replies, thus bringing more life to the social network. I hope your forecasts come true!

So Twitter already shows the most relevant tweets first, a very important change, despite the fact that the company has wanted to downplay If the system is successful, we wouldn't be surprised if timelines stop being based on real-time content in a few months, and maybe even the 140-character limit disappears.

What do you think about Twitter showing the most relevant tweets first? Is it the right decision, or a demonstration that the company does not know what to do to win users?

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