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KB3135173 update for Windows 10 fails for some users
KB3135173 update for Windows 10 fails for some users

The truth is that Microsoft is doing a good job with Windows 10 updates, which arrive quickly and usually work well. But sometimes the unforeseen happens, and now we know that the KB3135173 update for Windows 10 fails for some users A real nuisance, hopefully fixed as soon as possible.

KB3135173 This is a security update, which resolves various vulnerabilities in Windows 10 and makes it more reliable. This is a cumulative update, so it will install all previous patches and the operating system will be up to dateSo, we already see that it is important to keep Windows 10 safe.

Well, some users see how the installation starts, but it stays at 30% frozen After waiting a long time, They have no choice but to restart their computers. The update will be reinstalled, but the result will be the same. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a workaround for this behavior at the moment.

The most serious thing is that some of the users affected by KB3135173 complain that the problem has been happening to them since previous updates appeared that already failed. Of course, not being able to update Windows 10 is a serious security risk

KB3135173 update for Windows 10 fails for some users
KB3135173 update for Windows 10 fails for some users

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KB3135173, an update needed

Users are reporting the issue with the KB3135173 update for Windows 10 on the company's forums, but Microsoft has not commented on regard. For now there is no official solution, nor is there any known trick that can somehow avoid the failure.

Security updates are very important, the other day we met a malware capable of recording us on Skype, and it precisely resorted to system errors to infect us. If the updates don't patch the problems we will be in serious danger, so Microsoft should work on this issue.

In fact, a critical vulnerability was discovered in Windows 10 just today. Hopefully the Windows 10 KB3135173 update issue will be fixed. Next cumulative patches may prevent this, because at this time there is no way to fix this problem.

What do you think of the news? Were you able to install update KB3135173 on Windows 10, or are you also stuck at 30%?

Update: For some users it is already possible to fix the problems with KB3135173.

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