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Windows 10 shows update change history again
Windows 10 shows update change history again

It may not be important for the average user on a day-to-day basis to know what each patch of their operating system contains, but sometimes it is key to solving a specific problem. Well, now Windows 10 shows the history of changes in updates again, a decision that wants to make Microsoft's policy more transparent, and make life easier for those who administer computers.

The truth is that Microsot has always offered change histories of its updates. It is the norm in the world of software, and a good custom on the part of developers. But last summer Microsoft warned that it would not provide details of minor updates to Windows 10. Since then its policy has been erratic, and change histories have offered varying degrees of precision.

The decision was criticized in its day, and Microsoft has taken note. From now on it will offer more complete information on what its patches include. Of course, it uses a cumulative update model, so it really only indicates changes from the latest version, which is the one that brings the operating system fully up to date.

Anyway, the truth is that the company doesn't go into very technical details. It reviews a little above the best ones, but does not delve into them. But we must recognize that this is valuable information for users.

Windows 10 shows the history of changes in updates again
Windows 10 shows the history of changes in updates again

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Windows 10 needed a change history

The truth is that Windows 10 is very strict with updates In order to increase security, they have become mandatory for home users. Microsoft thought that since almost everyone was going to be up to date on Windows 10, it was not really necessary to specify the changes of the patches.

In a few months it has become clear that he was wrong, so the company has not been hard pressed. Windows 10 shows the history of changes in updates again, although not in the configuration menu itself, but in a web page that will keep a record. We leave the link at the bottom of the article, in case you want to take a look at it.

So this is a small but important improvement. In case of a problem with the system, it's good to know what each update does, as in the case of the critical vulnerability that was discovered earlier today. And if you're a team administrator, this is definitely great news for you.

What do you think about Windows 10 showing the history of changes in updates again? Was it necessary, or did you not think it was essential?

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