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Share your love with Skype and Paul McCartney emojis
Share your love with Skype and Paul McCartney emojis

Emojis are one of the fastest ways to express yourself, which is why they have become so essential in these times, especially in some messaging clients such as WhatsApp. However, this time the novelty comes to Skype with Paul McCartney, who has helped the company create the "Skype Love Mojis", a new way of sharing with your loved ones all your love.

Skype has revolutionized the world of communication with video calls. We recently talked about how it can even translate conversations in real time, but today introduces us with a new pack of emojis thanks to a music legend.

New emojis from Paul McCartney on Skype, with love

Skype wants to bring people closer together and works very hard to make it happen. Microsoft has created a powerful application that allows people to communicate regardless of where they are, regardless of the borders involved. Today add one more possible way to communicate.

The company has partnered with Sir Paul McCartney to create a new set of love-inspired Mojis, perfect for this coming day Valentine's Day, so you can share with your loved ones that image that is worth a thousand words. McCartney has always been a genius at expressing his loveand now he's leaving a digital footprint on Skype, with this new creation

Share your love with Skype and Paul McCartney emojis
Share your love with Skype and Paul McCartney emojis

Now the "Skype Love Mojis", in addition to being animated, have sound and will allow you to express more than ever what you want to say or feel with just an image. The new designs are creative and so much fun, just send it as a normal emoji and see what happens.

Here we see McCartney recording some of them:

One of the music icons leaves his legacy in the world's most popular video calling app. We already have a new way of transmitting our emotions to the whole world thanks to Microsoft and Paul McCartney.

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What do you think of the new love emojis that Paul McCartney has created for Skype?

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