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LG G5 already has an official case
LG G5 already has an official case

Mobile World Congress is approaching and the leaks continue to increase. This time it is related to the LG G5, LG's next high-end terminal. Specifically today we learned that the LG G5 already has an official case.

Through the case we can get a fairly clear idea of ​​what the lines and some details of the terminal will be like, although right now the highlights of this case are in its material. Apparently it will be a touch cover that we can use to interact with some aspects of the phone.

For example, with the case closed we could answer any call that will come to our LG G5 since we can also see the identity of the person calling us through the front opening of the case.

LG Quick Cover Case, LG's tactile cover

The case would have the name of LG Quick Cover Case and it would indeed be a tactile cover with which we could perform certain tasks with the LG G5 without opening the front cover of said case.

LG G5 already has an official case
LG G5 already has an official case

Apart from that, we can also intuit that the screen is confirmed with Always On,a technology that allows the phone to always have the screen turned on to see what is happening at all times and not miss anything.

Finally, the color and appearance of this case for the LG G5 stands out, a color that is not usually seen in cases for terminals. It has a very elegant bright aluminum color design with an opening on the front to see the clock and notifications and, of course, for the camera and speaker.

At the moment we don't know the price, although we may see more about this case during the Mobile World Congress in a few days.

What do you think of the LG G5 case?

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