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Instagram will show video views
Instagram will show video views

Instagram prepare new changes. In the coming weeks it will show the video views. Just as we see the “likes” and comments on Instagram photos and videos, we can also see how many times they are visited.

Obviously, it will not be possible to know who watches our videos but the number of visits or views of the same. In addition, it will be a public data, as we indicated, so that everyone will be able to see said counter.

To see the “likes” of each video we will have to click on the number of views. This would only happen with videos and not with photos.

The Instagram counter will only be available for videos uploaded on the social network, not for photos. Let's remember that Instagram has bet heavily on videos with releases like Hyperlapse or Boomerang. Let's also not forget that videos have a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

Instagram will show video views
Instagram will show video views

Instagram bets on video

The social network, belonging to Facebook, is increasingly committed to the format video, even if they are short. The launch of apps and news around this are increasingly important.

Now we will have the visualizations in the videos as one more data This will be relevant for the users, who will increase their ego with the visualizations, as well as for marketing experts, who will be able to see the reach of your posts. But, as we indicated, anyone can see it just like other indicators or as the king of video, YouTube does.

The number of video views on Instagram will progressively reach all users of the social network who have the latest versions of the mobile apps.

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