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Twitter is now white on mobile
Twitter is now white on mobile

Twitter changes its design in the mobile app. Thus, since the last update it has become white color, replacing the traditional blue.

The mobile app of the little blue bird's social network changes the tones towards white, although continuing with the letters and icons in blue. That is, has actually inverted the colors. At the moment the change is reaching users of Android, but surely it will also do it for those of iOS

Without prior notice Twitter decides to change the appearance of the mobile app, now being a different tone, although in reality more or less reads the same.

Many users have thought that it was an error when opening their Twitter on their mobile and seeing that it is now white. The truth is that it is Twitter's new design for its mobile apps.

This social network color change only applies to the mobile app since in the web version you have been using the white along with blue elements.

Twitter is now white on mobile
Twitter is now white on mobile

Will you like the white?

Another change that is added to the recent new timeline and we will have to see if it fits among the users as something better. In a matter of days it is expected that all users will finally have this new white Twitter design in the mobile app.

On the other hand, we don't know if it will be the last change and we will continue in line with the last few weeks. Everything is to give an approach that users like.

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