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Microsoft Lumia 650 is ahead of the MWC
Microsoft Lumia 650 is ahead of the MWC

It seems that Microsoft is going all out this year. The Redmond company has even gone ahead of Mobile World Congress, one of the most anticipated technology events in the world and has announced the new Microsoft Lumia 650, with a more sophisticated design than ever, made of metal and priced under $200. It will certainly be one of the best choices for all Windows 10 fans.

Microsoft says that the Lumia 650 is the most personal device they've ever made and that they can guarantee you improved productivity with the combination of Lumia and Windows 10. Let's see in detail what it offers us:

Microsoft Lumia 650: the latest from Microsoft

Until recently, the Lumia range sounded very low in the smartphone market, but little by little it has carved out a niche and it is an even tempting offer. The arrival of Windows 10 has undoubtedly boosted this brand of smartphones and now, at the best moment, comes the Microsoft Lumia 650

Devices such as the Lumia 550 or the 950 are slowly making their appearance, both their "small" and XL versions, but today it is the turn of another new creation from Microsoft, the Lumia 650. This device will be available from February 18 in Europe, with an approximate price of 199 dollars without taxes, which probably brings its final value closer to 200 euros

Microsoft Lumia 650 is ahead of the MWC
Microsoft Lumia 650 is ahead of the MWC

Here are the specifications that we have been able to know:

  1. Dimensions: width 6.9mm
  2. Weight: 122 g
  3. Front camera: 5 MP
  4. Rear camera: 8 MP

Microsoft is very focused on its Lumia and I'm sure that with Windows 10 it will aim high, both at the MWC and the global market, but it still has a long way to go and can't stop improving its products, encouraging the consumer to give it a try

In case you still had any doubts, above I leave you the promotional video that they have created on purpose for the launch of this new device. Doesn't look bad, does it?

What do you think of the new Lumia 650?

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