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Instagram adds two-factor authentication
Instagram adds two-factor authentication

Just a week ago Instagram added support for multiple accounts on the same mobile device and today, it has tightened its security at the time of login. Instagram has activated two-step authentication for those users who fear for their security, which will prevent hackers from accessing our accounts even if they have been able to steal our data from access.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. The arrival of Snapchat has stolen some of its prominence but it is still one of the photography social networks with the largest number of active users. Two-step authentication further secures our personal data, which is sure to give potential new users greater confidence.

Instagram, more secure with two-step authentication

Two-step authentication provides us with added security in our accounts. Even if, for whatever reason, someone steals our password or tries to access it without our permission, they will encounter this new security barrier, which will require an additional code to access the account.

This type of security improvements give extra confidence in social networks, especially for those companies that use official accounts to interact socially with their followers. Two-factor authentication is a must that you shouldn't stop using.

Instagram adds two-factor authentication
Instagram adds two-factor authentication

At the moment the access method is very traditional, since they will send us a text message with the code to enter before accessing for the first time to our device.

Surely, over time other functionalities as important as access by fingerprint or similar. Security now does seem important to users and companies and more and more people are taking it seriously. Cases like the leaking of photos of famous people is a real and very serious case.

How about two-step authentication on Instagram?

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