Table of contents: gets better including mentions, plug-ins, and more gets better including mentions, plug-ins, and more

Although Gmail won over many email users years ago thanks to its new way of thinking about email, Microsoft reacted by shutting down Hotmail and betting on Outlook. Well now gets better by including mentions, add-ons, and more features that will make it stand out as webmail for both businesses and individuals.

In this case what the web interface is renewed, the different applications were already modified at the time. Although it is not the first time that receives a face lift. Now all the new features that Microsoft has been testing in recent months are official, and they will be offered to users shortly.

Those in the US will enjoy the features today, but everyone else will get the changes in the coming weeks automatically. Don't worry, we'll soon become more productive with email. gets better including mentions, plug-ins and more gets better including mentions, plug-ins and more

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What's New in

The truth is that the tweaks in the webmail have been numerous, but we are going to summarize so that you get an idea of ​​those really important in your day to day. Here we indicate the aspects to take into account:

  1. Integration with Office 365 and improved synchronization with Windows and Mac apps, including features such as flight confirmation from the calendar.
  2. You can use plugins of all kinds: Giphy, Uber, PayPal, Evernote, Boomerang Yelp and Wunderlist are some of the ones available.
  3. It is possible to write an email with the related document on the same screen, and a system notifies us if we forget to attach any document that might be necessary.
  4. Integration with Skype and possibility to make @mentions to start short conversations in emails.
  5. Support for emojis and image editing from your inbox.
  6. More organization thanks to "pins" that pin messages to the beginning of a conversation and smarter searching.

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So gets better by including mentions, plug-ins, and more It's certainly become a webmail service that doesn't It has no other to envy, and it can be used on any platform. Microsoft is even experimenting with new ways of understanding email! Of course, it's clear that Gmail is going to have to work hard in the face of this challenge.

Therefore, if you use, over the next few weeks you will receive all these news, which will surely make the management of your email more efficient and even more fun. The new features are certainly worth testing.

What do you think of the improvements to Are you satisfied with the webmail service, or do you trust a different provider?

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