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An error leaks Twitter user data
An error leaks Twitter user data

Twitter announced something amazing today Someone has taken advantage of their password recovery system, thus exposing the information of nearly 10,000 users of the popular social network. Within this information we can find some important data such as the email address or the telephone number, which could be used to send mass advertising.

Social networks are growing every day, so it is not surprising that they are the target of hackers at all times. An error on Twitter seems to have been the trigger for this gigantic malicious attack, but the company is already working on it and has offered an immediate solution to those affected.

An error allows access to Twitter data

It appears that the bug was in the password recovery system, which could have made things easier for hackers who found it. They took advantage of this vulnerability. Nearly 10,000 accounts were affected during a period of approximately 24 hours, although it has not been until today when the company, which already has enough problems lately, has announced it.

Twitter clarifies that they take this type of incident very seriously, which is why they have thoroughly investigated the error and password recovery has been immediately suspendedin the accounts that could have been compromised.

An error leaks the data of Twitter users
An error leaks the data of Twitter users

The company plays down the importance of the event and takes the opportunity to review its security and increase it, with measures such as two-step authentication. It seems that increasing security by using a second device never hurts.

As we already told you, Instagram also recently added two-step authentication. This security measure seems to be an important and essential step to guarantee the security of our privacy on the Internet.

What was Twitter's response to this error that affected 10,000 accounts? Have you been one of those affected?

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