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Soon smartphones will not have a SIM card
Soon smartphones will not have a SIM card

With the technological advances of recent years it sounds very strange that a piece of plastic with a chip inside a smartphone is necessary to connect with our operator. Various means already exist to eliminate this barrier, but it has not been until now when the GSMA has officially announced it: a SIM integrated in the device compatible with all operators

SIM cards as we know them are coming to an end. Manufacturers and consumers alike see it as time to make a change in SIM cards It is also a capital investment for them to add hardware support for the operators, something that they are not willing to assume and that will change telephony as we know it forever.

Technology says goodbye to SIM

Today our smartphones have a large number of chips, sensors and other circuits that allow us to access functionalities such as GPS, Bluetooth or even, more recently, NFC, so… why Why not also create a chip that performs the function of a SIM card? A virtual SIM valid for all operators in our country

An embedded SIM card, also known as an eSIM or virtual SIM card, would be a revolution in the world of technology. Changing operator would be as simple as carrying out the management through the Internet or a call, thus eliminating the inconvenience it causes consumers.

Soon smartphones will not have a SIM card
Soon smartphones will not have a SIM card

This new innovation would translate into thinner smartphones and a lower price for the manufacturer, surely everyone would win in some way. Goodbye to dual-SIM smartphones, SIM, microSIM and nanoSIM cards, sounds good? Nope? Even Apple is cheering.

What do you think about standardizing the use of virtual SIMs instead of physical ones?

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