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IOS 9.2.1 fixes "Bug 53"
IOS 9.2.1 fixes "Bug 53"

A few days ago we talked about the popularly known "Error 53", which appeared on many iPhones after an unofficial sensor change of footprints. The tension was maximum between the company and the users, since it seemed to force the apple customers to repair the devices in the official technical service of Apple. Now the Cupertino company is relaunching iOS 9.2.1 again, with the solution to Error 53 and ending this controversy.

Apple not only fights for the privacy of its customers, but also for their satisfaction. We recently found out about an error in iPhones that prevented their restoration after having changed the fingerprint sensor in an unofficial technical service, which led to a class action lawsuit millionaire and a great disappointment of the public of the block. However, Apple has quickly remedied it.

Apple releases iOS 9.2.1 with fix to "Error 53"

This same month a new error appeared on iPhones with a fingerprint reader: el "Error 53" This error appears when trying to restore an iPhone with the fingerprint reader changed in an unofficial technical service of the company, so everything pointed to an apple strategy to go through its store yes or yes.

However, it seems that things have not been like that. According to information from Apple, this bug was created to test the Touch ID module before each iPhone left the factory, and not as a lockdown measure so that their clients could take the terminals to the official technical service.

iOS 9.2.1 fixes "Bug 53"
iOS 9.2.1 fixes "Bug 53"

Faced with consumer discontent, the Cupertino giant has rushed to re-release iOS 9.2.1, instead of creating a new update for iPhone and iPad, but this time with the solution to "Error 53" among its source code lines.

From now on we can restore via iTunes, with this new update to iOS 9.2.1, all iPhones, even though its parts (including the fingerprint reader) have been unofficially changed.

How about Apple re-releasing iOS 9.2.1 to fix "Error 53"?

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