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Play the classic "Commandos" for free with this browser version
Play the classic "Commandos" for free with this browser version

If you have to choose a great Spanish production of the video game, many will not hesitate to point to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines as one of the great titles in our history. Well, now you can play Commandos for free with this browser version adapted to HTML5 that will bring back great memories… or make us discover a great classic!

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a "strategy" game that came out in 1998, and shows us a battlefield in isometric perspective. We have to control several soldiers with very different abilities to fulfill military missions of various kinds, but in which ste alth predominates over direct action.

This HTML5 browser version is not complete, but it is a great way to relive the game Although we can buy it on Steam for a few euros, its difficulty will really make it difficult for us to have a great time today. So we can try it for a while, even if it has a few bugs and doesn't bring all the levels.

At a graphic level, the game is very careful to be over 15 years old. They have been made in two dimensions, with some 3D details. Of course, the sets perfectly capture the essence of classic WWII movies

Play the classic "Commandos" for free with this browser version
Play the classic "Commandos" for free with this browser version

Commandos, revived in the browser

The truth is that the Commandos saga has seen different installments, including a first-person shooter. For a few years he led Pyro Studios to the elite of video game developers. Unfortunately, the studio wasn't able to keep the franchise current, and right now Commandos belongs to the past.

So take advantage and play the classic "Commandos" for free with this browser version which you can access from the link at the end from the article. As it is made with HTML5 technology, we must use a modern and up-to-date browser. Of course, it is worth playing a game to get to know this great classic of the Spanish video game.

What do you think of this web version of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines? Do you want to try it in the browser, or did you already pass it on at the time?

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