Google Pixel camera app freezes

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Google Pixel camera app freezes
Google Pixel camera app freezes

Although the new Google phones are not yet officially sold in our country, the truth is that they are in other countries and it has already given time for the first errors to appear. Apparently the Google Pixel camera app freezes .

Coincidentally, this error affects one of the aspects for which the Google Pixel has stood out the most, the rear camera. We must remember which is currently the one that takes the best photographs, even ahead of that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge .

The app freezes and locks the phone

Some of those users who already have the new Google Pixel in their hands have seen how the default camera app that comes with the Android Nougat operating system has serious problems to the point thathangs and a series of dashes appears.

It seems that once the app freezes, they start to look annoying pink and purple marks on the phone screen. The bug is significant enough that even the Google Pixel can crash completely and the user must restart it .

Another important aspect is that the problem is not exclusive to the camera application that comes with the phone but is also affecting third-party apps. The strange thing about the issue is that this incidence is higher when the Google Pixel has little mobile coverage.

The Google Pixel camera app freezes
The Google Pixel camera app freezes

Fortunately, Google is already aware of this serious problem and is looking for a solution to launch an update so that the Google Pixel can take pictures without any problems.

What seems more or less clear is that there may be a problem in the camera's hardware, something a priori quite difficult to solve since if it were software other camera apps than the one that brings by default the Google Pixel would work without problems, something that in this case does not happen .

We will see what finally happens and hopefully it will be solved before the new Google Pixel land in Spain.