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Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows
Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows

Computers have become essential in our daily lives, although sometimes they are too complex. Users don't want to waste time maintaining Windows, but we do demand good performance. Well, Steganos Tuning Pro is a utility that is responsible for optimizing and accelerating Windows, apart from cleaning unnecessary files and keeping the system up to date, which increases the security of the computer.

Steganos Tuning Pro is a very complete tool, although it is easy to use. Its "1-click optimization" function makes our PC work correctly with hardly any effort. In addition, thanks to Autopilot Steganos, the program itself notifies us if Windows needs maintenance, and we can even choose to have it run automatically.

Steganos Tuning Pro also monitors the temperature of the equipment, and the use of the processor that we make at all times. Perhaps the most interesting is the "Ultra-fast mode", for when we want extra power, and we don't mind deprioritizing background processes.

In addition, by accelerating and optimizing Windows we will also be extending the autonomy of our laptop, since we eliminate files and processes that consume too many resources. Of course, we find Steganos Tuning Pro a very useful tool, which works on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, both in its 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows
Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows

Steganos Tuning Pro, functionalities

Although today's computers can be used by anyone, their operating systems are increasingly complex. Therefore, it is very helpful to have a tool that is in charge of managing everything. Let's get to know the main features of Steganos Tuning Pro to get an idea of ​​the advantages it offers:

  1. Optimize and speed up your PC: Thanks to SmartTurbo, the tasks for our team to maintain high performance are automated. You don't need technical knowledge or a lot of time, the program adjusts Windows, with which our PC will go faster, we will make better use of its power and the battery will last longer.
  2. Clean Windows and free up space: Computers accumulate files that fill up the hard drive, but many of them are not necessary. Steganos Tuning Pro has the SmartCleaner function, which locates and eliminates them, which not only allows us to recover storage, but also helps make the operating system more stable and faster, since it deletes the registry entries that cause problems.
  3. Configure your computer's settings: Given the complexity of Windows, it is not easy to configure it optimally. Steganos Tuning Pro speeds up PC startup and shutdown, improves hard drive speed by defragmenting it, and also makes Internet browsing faster by optimizing access settings.
  4. Update software and increase security: Thanks to the SmartUpdate function, Windows drivers and other programs will be kept up-to-date automatically automatically, with which our PC will run smoother and be safe. By having all the software updated, the possible doors of entry to the equipment will be closed. In addition, we can periodically delete browser files to increase our privacy on the Internet.
Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows
Steganos Tuning Pro, a tool to optimize and speed up Windows

If you want to learn more about the advantages of this utility, you can take a look at the Steganos Tuning Pro official page and delve into its functionalities. Of course, it is very important to properly maintain our PC, and with a tool like this you will be able to clean Windows, optimize the system and speed up its operation, all in a intuitive and in a couple of clicks.

We leave you the link to download Steganos Tuning Pro from its developers' page, which can be tested free of charge for 7 days. Of course, this is an optimizer that can greatly improve the performance and fluidity of our PC.

How about Steganos Tuning Pro? Are you going to take advantage of it to easily solve the problems that Windows generates?

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