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New Surface Pro, know all the details
New Surface Pro, know all the details

We've been waiting for an update to the Surface Pro, Microsoft's hybrid tablet/laptop device, for a long time, given that it hadn't been upgraded for more than a year and a half. Well, let's get to know the details of the new Surface Pro, which no longer has a number next to its name to indicate which generation it belongs to.

From Microsoft we had been warned that we would not see a Surface Pro 5, but a review of the current model, without changing its approach. And that's exactly what the new Surface Pro of 2017 offers, small changes in various aspects to improve a format that works very well.

The new Surface Pro makes the leap to 7th generation Intel Core processors, which is always a positive. We still don't know if they add more power or have just focused on improving autonomy, but Microsoft claims that this 2017 Surface Pro is capable of playing video for 13.5 hours, a really good number. In addition, models with Core m3 and i5 chips do without fans.

At the design level, the stand mechanism has been perfected, especially by placing the new Surface Pro in an almost horizontal position, 165°, and without the gears making noises. After the recent presentation of the Surface Laptop, in a traditional laptop format, it was time to renew this 2-in-1 laptop.

New Surface Pro with 4G and better design

Although it is not a true Surface Pro 5, we will enjoy an important novelty. The new Surface Pro will have a 4G/LTE version so as not to depend on the Wi-Fi networks around us. Of course, it will arrive "later", no dates have been specified, and we are afraid that we will not receive it in all countries.

The stylus has also been revamped, with a slower response time, and greater sensitivity. New keyboards will be offered, removable as always, but covered in Alcantara fabric, like the Surface Laptop. The keyboards will also be very quiet, and gray, maroon and blue have been chosen as colors for the fabric.

The screen of the new Surface Pro continues at 12.3 inches, with a 3:2 format, suitable for horizontal use, but also for handling it vertically. The standard USB port and microSD slot are maintained, as well as the Mini DisplayPort video output, although the current USB Type-C connector is omitted. As the operating system in command is Windows 10 Pro, luckily we will not suffer the limitations of the new Windows 10 S.

The new Surface Pro will go on sale starting June 15, with a price of949 euros in the base model. It will not include the keyboard case, as usual, but in this 2017 version the stylus is also sold separately.

What do you think of the new Surface Pro? Were you expecting a Surface Pro 5 with great new features, or are you convinced by this 2017 review?

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