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What is Amazon Logistics?
What is Amazon Logistics?

Amazon has been working in Spain, opening new logistics centers and offering new services, so now that the shopping site is so popular, you need to know what it is Amazon Logistics.

The service that Amazon offers in other parts of the world is a relief for those who are not at home all the time and do not coincide with the delivery of a package that they are looking forward to.

In the event that the delivery person arrives at your house and you are not there, Amazon Logistics will allow you to deliver the package to a neighbor, to the doorman of the building, leave it at the reception or in a mailbox, obviously depending on the dimensions of the package, and if at the time of purchase you authorized it.

If delivery is made under this condition, the courier will leave a notice of attempted delivery with the precise information of where he left the package. This is a very useful function especially for Amazon Prime users, who make a lot of orders and who are not always at home.

What is Amazon Logistics?
What is Amazon Logistics?

How Amazon Logistics works

But, if by none of the above options it is possible to deliver your purchase, Amazon Logistics will issue a notice and try to return the next business dayIf three attempts fail, Amazon Logistics will hold the package for 72 hours before returning it to the distribution center.

Amazon Logistics has mechanisms to process a claim in the event that the information indicates that you have already received the package, but in reality you have not be so.

Amazon Logistics also includes the option to provide additional delivery instructions for your order, such as: a building access code, the floor, and information point. Amazon delivers Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. But you can inform that you do not want to receive your package on a Saturday. Amazon also has a service called Amazon Locker so you can pick up your packages in one place.

With Amazon Logistics you can request that Amazon inform you of each movement of your order to your email or that you yourself access your profile from Amazon.

What is Amazon Logistics? It is a service that improves in Spain with the opening of the Amazon logistics station in Seville, from the that Spaniards can enjoy and make use of.

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