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What is Office AutoSave?
What is Office AutoSave?

Microsoft Office created a new feature for Excel and PowerPoint that saves users from saving the changes they make to a file over and over every few seconds. Here we explain what Office AutoSave is and how you can take advantage of it.

It's the same advantage as Google Drive, without having to work on the web but in the same Excel or PowerPoint file.

The first thing to know is that the new tool is available for Excel and PowerPoint 2016 and for those who are Office 365 subscribers and that the file must be stored on OneDrive, One Drive for Business, or SharePoint Online, where your changes are automatically saved every few seconds while you and others you've given access to the file by sharing it work.

Next, note that if you open a document from OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online, the Save option will not appear in the File menu, but Save a Copy, which replaces Save As in use. The AutoSave feature is on by default,as the photo shows.

What is Office AutoSave?
What is Office AutoSave?

But you can rest easy. If you frequently use Save As when you work because you make multiple versions of a document, that's fine. Office explains that when AutoSave is turned on, changes are continually saved to the original file. Therefore, it recommends using Save a copy immediately if you want your changes to take effect to the copy and not the original.

If you doubt that the system is working, just look at the upper left corner of the screen (if you are an Office 365 subscriber and have the latest versions of Excel and PowerPoint 2016 installed).

If you are not a subscriber, but you use Excel and PowerPoint 2016 you will have the AutoRecover feature,which will help you protect your files in the event of a blockage. If you reopen the file after a crash, a version with the latest changes is displayed in the Document Recovery pane. By the way, if you don't have a current copy of Office, there are several ways to get it for free.

And if you don't want Office AutoSave

Sometimes it happens to us that we make some change and we no longer want it but to have the document as it was a couple of minutes before There Autosave would cause us a problem, but it is not. Office allows you to restore a previous version of the file and the previous version will be set as the current one.

How to do it? At the top of the window, you must click the file name and then click View all versions. The list of saved changes will be displayed and according to the date and time, you can choose the version you want to restore. Click on Open version, which will open a second window, in which you must choose the version and click on the Restore button.

In the event that you are going to make hypothetical changes, that you are not sure if you will save or not permanently, you have two options:The first is to Save a copy before you start making changes so that the changes are saved to another location; the second is to disable AutoSave before making changes. If they are temporary and you don't want to save them, close the file. Then click No when prompted to save.

What is Office AutoSave?
What is Office AutoSave?

AutoSave Enabled or disabled?

There are several reasons why AutoSave might be disabled: U no, if the file is in an older format, such as.xls,.ppt or.doc; two, if the presentation is in slide show mode,or if the book is password protected. The best way to find out why is to move your pointer over the AutoSave toggle and a tooltip will be displayed indicating why it is disabled.

Now, if you don't want your changes to be saved often or show them to other users, you can turn off Office AutoSave. When the document is ready, click Save to show your changes to other users working on the file, even though the feature is defaulted to always on. Or you can turn AutoSave back on to save and share your changes.

In the event that you disable AutoSave for a file, the program will keep it disabled every time you reopen that file. If you turn it back on for a file, it will remember to keep it on for that file. You are a student? Try Office 365 for free.

It is not possible to permanently disable AutoSave.

And now that you know what Office AutoSave is and if you have the necessary requirements, you have the power to use it in your hands, turn it on or ignore it.

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