Project xCloud, the new Xbox gaming service in the cloud

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Project xCloud, the new Xbox gaming service in the cloud
Project xCloud, the new Xbox gaming service in the cloud

We already saw it at E3 2018 , and now it's coming true. Project xCloudis a cloud service offered by Xbox and that allows us to play any game on any platform .

A dream come true that will be released in mid-2019 It's a kind of streaming platform to play gamesXbox games In this way, and thanks to Project xCloud , we can enjoy a game of our video game favorite, in the same way that we watch a chapter on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Huawei Video, etc .

Project xCloud, Microsoft's new bet

Microsoft is in the news lately, since they recently renewed the catalog of laptops and convertibles, including the new Surface Pro 6. Now they are coming to the fore with Project xCloud,a streaming platform that will allow users to play video games wherever and however they want .

This streaming platform is cloud-based, so there's no need to load your console or games. At the moment the catalog of games is somewhat small, but its expansion is not ruled out:

  1. Halo.
  2. Gears of War.
  3. Red Dead Redemption.
  4. Forza Horizon 4.

Although at the moment there is no official release date, Microsoft anticipates that the Project xCloud service will be available in more than 140 countries of all the world .

Something that was already suspected, but we commented on it to dispel doubts, is that it will be compatible with the official controller of Xbox What It is not known is that we can make use of Project xCloud on the television or it will require some other device .

The fact of being able to play where and what we want, without any type of limitation, is the dream of any gamer. Now Microsoft brings us closer to reality thanks to Project xCloud, although there will be have to wait until mid-2019 to see it in action .