What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?

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What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?
What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?

Instagram has done it again, has presented a novelty in its application and has revolutionized social networks. " Best Friends", that's what you'll find if you update the app to the latest version, both on Android and iOS .

Just a few days ago we announced the existence of this new feature that would soon arrive on Instagram, but the truth is that it won't He has given time to assess it when it has been officially presented .

" Best Friends " is the new possibility that joins the range that Instagram already offers when we want share a StoriesUntil now, we could share it with people individually, create a group beforehand in private messages, or use the "Share with" sticker .

Now a new possibility is added to this range, and that is that Instagram allows us to share Stories only with a close group of contacts that the fashion social network has decided to call:Best friends.

How do I add contacts to the "Best Friends" group?

When we say contacts we refer to followers and followed. You should know that Instagram, by adding this feature, has already detected who your best friends are. They are the contacts with whom you talk the most or share the most content .

You have two options, either accept the default list, or edit it and add whoever you want to the group. If you add or remove someone, no one will be notified .

What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?
What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?

If you opt for the default option, you just have to upload a Stories, click on the see star (bottom margin) and click on " add to list " . With this, the group of Best Friends of Instagram would be created .

The other option is to edit your own " Best Friends" list, so follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the 3 lines that appear in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the "Best Friends" option.
  4. Click "add" on the contacts you want.
  5. You will have the group created and every time you post, only they will see it.
What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?
What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?

Apart from all of the above, and regardless of the option you choose, you should know that you can continue posting your Stories on Instagram as normal .

That is, if when you upload a story you click on the green star , when you publish it, only people who are in the group will see it that you have previously created. Otherwise, if when publishing the story, click on your photo (below image), you will be publishing it normally, as before .

What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?
What is "Best Friends" on Instagram?

As you can see, it's a very simple way to maintain privacy. It is true that there are options like have a private profile and only accept who you want, or silence the Stories of certain contacts .

Just as a hint, the Stories light circle turns green when that user has uploaded a story and has included you in their "Best Friends" list.

Be that as it may, now Instagram is expanding its range of possibilities in favor of its users and their privacy. Something very positive, taking into account the mistakes that Facebook has been making regarding the privacy of its users .

Now that you know what is "Best Friends" on Instagram, what it is for and how to create your own list, all that remains is to update the app to the latest version (both Android and iOS) and follow the steps we have given you here .

What do you think of this new feature? What else would you like Instagram to add? Do you usually use Instagram Stories a lot? Are you going to use "Best Friends", or do you prefer other options?