Beware of fake MediaMarkt sweepstakes
Beware of fake MediaMarkt sweepstakes

MediaMarkt is one of the most popular electronics stores, and that sometimes means dealing with scam attempts, such asfalse raffles for products that circulate through applications and social networks, which pose a danger to Internet users.

A while ago we explained what phishing is, and this is a new example of this technique: malicious users impose themselves as a well-known companyto gain the trust of victims, and then try to steal personal information from them, or even make money at their expense.

In the case of MediaMarkt, the company itself warns that there is more than one active fake giveaway campaignThe mechanics can change, sometimes they offer us to participate in the raffle, other times we win with just answering a couple of very simple questions, or they directly inform us that the prize is waiting for us.

Beware of fake MediaMarkt giveaways
Beware of fake MediaMarkt giveaways

The media used are diverse, including advertising on certain web pages, email, SMS messages or WhatsApp chains.

Of course, none of these prizes are real, and with just looking at the official MediaMarkt website or its social networks we will see that raffles don't existor, at least, that the company has nothing to do with it.

One of the most common "tricks" in these scams is to ask us for our mobile number, with the hidden goal of subscribing to paid SMS, which can amount to tens of euros when the monthly invoice arrives.

If a product or a gift card is actually raffled, which is not always the case, the conditions are very different from those expected, and in no case is MediaMarkt the organizer.

It will be a single unit among thousands of users, which may take months to be drawn. In other words, it borders on illegality at all times, when it does not directly enter into it. Or the deception could be that we have to pay the shipping costs to receive the prize and, after paying them, they will not send us anything.

To avoid these dangers, we have explained to you how to detect emails containing scams, as there are almost always details that make you suspicious (sender, spelling, offers too good to be true…)

In the case of MediaMarkt there doesn't seem to be that approach, but other types of phishing attempt to obtain our credit card number, online banking or PayPal password, so they can mean the loss of significant amounts of money.

We recommend Caution before MediaMarkt draws, before participating it is advisable to check their website or social networks to confirm if it is real, or an attempted scam.

What do you think of these frauds? Have you ever received such a message?

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