HBO raises the price and reduces the trial period
HBO raises the price and reduces the trial period

HBO hadn't given news of this type for a long time, since the companies that occupied these headlines were Netflix and Amazon Prime. But it's official, HBO has raised the price of its monthly subscription, and has also considerably reduced its trial period.

If we do a memory exercise, whether or not we are HBO customers, we will know that before each month it cost €7.99 and we had a whole month to test the service in all its splendor.

Now some things have changed, starting because now we will have to pay 8, 99 € per month keeping the two simultaneous screens and if we register for the first time we will only have 2 weeks free.

These changes become effective as of November 21 for those users who are within a promotion that has several months free from HBO. The new price will be charged as soon as this promotion ends, in addition, new customers who subscribe to HBO now, should know that as soon as the 2-week free trial ends, they will pay €8.99.

It is not a very exaggerated increase, it is only 1 euro, and from HBO they indicate that this price increase is due to the fact that they are going to focus on the creation of Own production series and high quality.

HBO raises the price and reduces the trial period
HBO raises the price and reduces the trial period

Good proof of this was the successful "Chernobyl" miniseries, along with the recently released "Watchmen", or all those that will arrive in the coming months.

HBO has launched its first price hike in 2 years, and it hasn't been too upsetting. What has not been liked has been the reduction of the trial period since it goes from being 30 days to only 15.

It is true that 15 days is plenty to test the service and find out if it is worth paying for HBO, or continue only with Netflix, for example.

The clause of "non-permanence" is maintained despite these two previous changes, so if the service has not convinced us, we can unsubscribe whenever we want.

Be that as it may, going from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros doesn't mean a great effort either, especially knowing that the 2 simultaneous screens are maintained. What can bother a bit is the reduction in free days, but let's remember that Netflix did something very similar recently.

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