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When is Black Friday in 2020?
When is Black Friday in 2020?

It's only been a few weeks since Black Friday 2019, but we already know when Black Friday 2020 will be, a very November, which is already set as the day in which a large number of online stores and physical establishments will offer offers.

Although it is true that Black Friday is a very popular day in the United States with which Christmas shopping, in recent years it has gradually become a day of special importance in our country.

This is how stores of all kinds (clothing, footwear, electrical appliances, technology, etc.) have added to this very special day at the end of November, offering important sales during that Friday and extending the vast majority to the weekend that follows.

It will be on Friday, November 27

Black Friday coincides with the day after the famous and important Thanksgiving Day in the USA. In 2020 will take place on Friday, November 27, this is how the long-awaited Christmas 2020 shopping campaign will start. Although it is a specific day of the week, most establishments extend the sales around that day.

This results in stores starting those sales that same week from Monday, November 23 through the following Monday, November 30, which is when another important date is celebrated, Cyber ​​Monday, dedicated exclusively to discounts on Internet technology.

During November 27, days before and after you can find offers of 30%, 40%, 60% and even something more In very specific cases, this is a very good opportunity to spend good money, so it is a very good idea to have saved previously.

When is Black Friday in 2020?
When is Black Friday in 2020?

Due to those big discounts, you should even consider the possibility of postponing or even advancing some purchases (for example, Christmas ones) and make them on Black Friday or days before, surely the product will be on sale and you can save a good amount of money.

Recommendations for shopping on Black Friday

With the arrival of Black Friday, it is interesting to know some tips that are highly recommended to take into account if you are going to spend good money on these days of sale:

  1. Create a list of products: Although it may seem strange, it is very good to make a prior list of devices and items that you are going to buy in On Black Friday, this "closed list" will allow you to go to what interests you and discard the rest so that your spending does not increase.
  2. Maximum budget: Black Friday offers can be very tempting, but it is best to set a maximum budget of that you plan to spend, so you will have control over your money and you will not spend more than necessary.
  3. Don't wait for Friday: It's Friday, November 27, when there will be more people, so it's interesting to go days before to take advantage of the offers, since many stores are already offering their items days before the official day of Black Friday.
  4. Buy online: In case you don't like crowds of people, a very good idea is to buy online comfortably from your computer or mobile.

Also, don't forget to save all purchase receipts in case at any time you need to change something you have bought for any circumstance. Also remember that these are days with a large influx of people, so be careful with your wallet, money and cell phone, lest you find yourself with an unpleasant surprise.

There are still many months to go until Black Friday 2020, in the meantime you can take advantage of other offer campaigns such as the Day without VAT in MediaMarkt and others that will appear in the coming months where the offers will be the main protagonists.

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