HP Elite Dragonfly, the laptop with 5G and Tile, to locate it even when turned off
HP Elite Dragonfly, the laptop with 5G and Tile, to locate it even when turned off

5G connectivity is here to stay and more and more devices are compatible with this technology every day. In this case we have the HP Elite Dragonfly, a laptop with more than one surprise, such as the geolocation of the device even when it is turned off.

Continuing with the specifications of the HP Elite Dragonfly that has been presented during the CES 2020, we say that it has ascreen with integrated privacy (HP Sure View), as well as a tab that allows you to cover the camera for greater privacy, and unlocking by fingerprint and facial recognition.

The HP Elite Dragonfly is considered the lightest laptop on the market, or so are HP's words. In this case, it has a weight of less than a kilo, which allows greater versatility for those who travel with a laptop.

The operating system that comes standard with the HP Elite Dragonfly is Windows 10, and also features a i7 processor but has the option of an 8th generation Intel Core VPro, panel with maximum 4K resolution, 5G and WiFi connectivity 6 (both optional) and 24-hour battery.

In addition, this laptop is a 2-in-1 convertible and can rotate 360 ​​degrees to just use its touchpad, thanks to its materials flexible. Later we will say what accessory this laptop has to make the most of its touch panel

Regarding the design of the HP Elite Dragonfly, it is made of 82% recycled materials, specifically plastic collected from the oceans. As for the packaging, according to HP, it is 100% sustainable material.

An important thing in laptops is audio. In this case, the HP Elite Dragonfly works with the firm Bnag & Olufsen and has 4 speakers and 4 amplifiers, that together with HP Noise Cancellation achieves surround sound.

HP Elite Dragonfly, the laptop with 5G and Tile, to locate it even when it is turned off
HP Elite Dragonfly, the laptop with 5G and Tile, to locate it even when it is turned off

If anything has become fashionable, it's touch pens. We don't know if we should thank Samsung for its Note range or Microsoft for the Surface, but what is clear is that having a stylus is very enjoyable.

Once you try it, it becomes your daily tool and you don't need to use a mouse, because the HP Elite Dragonfly has a rechargeable touch pen called HP G3.

Something important, especially if we are used to traveling or working outside the home, such as parks, cafeterias, co-working spaces, etc. is to have located the laptop at all times.

In the case of the HP Elite Dragonfly, we have the option of using Tile locators. It is a kind of keychain that is placed on the laptop and we can know at all times where the device is, even if it is completely turned off.

This is because Tile does not depend on the connection or battery of the HP Elite Dragonfly laptop, it is simply a connection between Tile and our smartphone, that's the way it doesn't matter if the laptop is off or on.

The new HP Elite Dragonfly is going strong, and not only because it is compatible with 5G, but also because it has parts made of plastic collected from the oceans, by security systems, weight, stylus, location, etc.

Do you think that the appearance of devices compatible with the 5G connection is faster than the expansion of said Internet connection? What do you think of the technical specifications of the new HP laptop? Do you think HP has a good corporate social responsibility policy?

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