Instagram works on a Maps sticker
Instagram works on a Maps sticker

Instagram users love sharing where they've been, this would precisely be a novelty that Instagram would be working on through a Maps sticker.

The "stickers" or stickers in Spanish, are a series of elements that we can add to our Stories. The format of the stickers can be from emojis to animated GIFs from the Giphy platform, and on Instagram there are other more peculiar ones, including music, surveys or countdowns.

Since the beginnings of Instagram Stories, the social network allows us to add our location in them, and even change the color sticker giving it tap on top, but only using text.

Now Instagram would be working on a new location sticker, in which a map would be shown indicating the location by means of a thumbtack.

Instagram works on a Maps sticker
Instagram works on a Maps sticker

It is not yet available on mobile platforms, and we don't know when this sticker will arrive on the social network. It is a leak, which would suggest that Maps would be one of the novelties that would be coming.

We could choose how enlarged the map would look in the Stories, from a world map to the city where we are, being able to distinguish even the streets of that city.

As it is a leak offered by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known leaker, it is possible that Maps will never arrive, or that it will arrive with the next update, depending on whether Instagram decides to launch it, or cancels its developing.

The Maps sticker fulfills its purpose since it is curious, visual and attracts attention, so we hope that Instagram incorporates it in the Stories.

What do you think of this new Maps sticker that is about to arrive on Instagram? Do you think it would be useful?

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