Android would allow you to record calls again
Android would allow you to record calls again

Google would be working so that Android could record phone calls again, since its decision to remove this function from Android 9 Pie From now on it has raised a lot of criticism, despite the fact that it cited privacy reasons.

The application "Telephone" ("Google Phone" in English) in its version 43 includes hidden lines of code that point to the recording of voice callsIt is the app used to call the Google Pixel, and many other smartphones that use a "pure" Android, without manufacturer customization.

Although the ability to record calls has not yet been activated, this hidden code is very significant, and could represent a change in strategy. Although there are ways to record calls in Android 9, they require the use of certain "tricks" that complicate the objective.

In fact, the Phone application has already included an animated icon (for now hidden) thatindicates recording is active :

Android would allow you to record calls again
Android would allow you to record calls again

Manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Huawei, very given to interface customizations, have incorporated a call recorder into their phones with Android 9 and 10, leaving aside Google's official policy, which could now change.

It makes sense, for privacy reasons, that third-party apps are not allowed to record voice calls, as they could misuse data. What Android limits, however, is the ability for users to record their own conversations in which they participate.

The decision is ultimately based on legal reasons: in some countries it is mandatory to notify the other person that we recorded the call, and in others it is completely prohibited.

However, in places like Spain we were harmed by a restriction that does not affect us. According to Spanish law, it is allowed to record calls in which oneself participates, even without notifying the other person.

Illegality would arise if the recordings were used inappropriately, although in court they are often considered valid evidence.

The news is positive, although it does not solve the complexity of recording voice calls on WhatsApp. We hope Google decides to enable the feature in the future, albeit hourly we don't know when calls will be able to be recorded again on Android, and this functionality might even be discontinued and not get to launch.

Do you miss recording calls on Android? Do you think they violate the privacy of the person you are talking to?

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