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IPad Pro 2020: Release date, price and specifications
IPad Pro 2020: Release date, price and specifications

The most famous tablet in the world returns to the fray with its "Pro" edition, and the release date of the iPad Pro 2020 has already been leaked, as well as some of its technical specifications.

In fact, it is not the first time that there has been talk of the two tablets that Apple wants to present in 2020. About 15 days ago we showed the design that these 12.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros would have.

The thing did not stop there, but we already said when they will reach the market. Today we know a few more details such as the price and some technical specifications, but always keeping in mind the base that we already said.

Getting back to today, we know that Apple's new iPads Pro will arrive with a A13X chip inside, which in turn it would be compatible with the 5G connectivity that is becoming so widespread today.

We know that the new 2020 iPads Pro brings a rear camera module that is very reminiscent of the iPhone 11 that was introduced just a few months ago.

Continuing with the cameras, the source of this news states that it will bring a wide-angle sensor, another ultra-wide angle and the third sensor would be a 3D camerato perform 3D object recognition.

iPad Pro 2020: Release date, price and specifications
iPad Pro 2020: Release date, price and specifications

Now the exciting news comes in, and it is that we already know that Apple wants to eliminate the ports of both its iPhone and iPad devices, since it is rumored that the iPad Pro, or the next generation, would have wireless charging.

In these iPads Pro we will have, of course, the latest version of iPadOS. This will offer greater versatility to the devices and will speed up certain actions for both work and leisure.

The idea that Apple has is that we forget about laptops and go out with an iPad that is multifunctional, that is, that it acts as a tablet to watch videos, and other times as a laptop to work comfortably with a mouse and keyboard.

iPad Pro 2020, price and availability

It is expected that next March, Apple will make an appearance and present these two new iPads Pro 2020 from 11 and 12.9 inches, with retina screen, A13X chip, glass or metal back (depending on model), with wireless charging (yet to be confirmed), 5G connectivity (unconfirmed), triple camera, etc.

The prices of these 2020 iPads Pro are going to be very popular, as we see the 11-inch model starting at $799, and the 12.9-inch model will start at $999.

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