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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the clamshell folding phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the clamshell folding phone

Foldable phones are the flashiest smartphones out there today. Now that they are becoming a reality, it seems that some firms, such as Samsung, are going to expand their strategy by offering more than one option folding clamshell, which would be called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Several high-calibre firms such as Samsung or Huawei have already begun to market their folding terminals Samsung was the pioneer in this type of smartphones, although we remember that the already famous Samsung Galaxy Fold had to be withdrawn for a few months due to screen problems.

Huawei, however, launched its model on the market in mid-November without incident. Motorola, although it may seem surprising, is the firm that has gone further with a folding phone. The Motorola Razr is a smartphone with a lot of innovation, maintaining the clamshell system that has characterized the firm for years.

Samsung tries to have the maximum ranges and telephones so that any user can go to the Korean firm, whatever their needs. An example of this is the already rumored Samsung Galaxy Bloom, previously called Galaxy Fold 2. Now it seems that the commercial name will be Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and images of its design already exist.

Although there are rumors about the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, everything indicates that it is not in the plans of the Korean firm launch it in the short term, but Samsung would be close to presenting a clamshell terminalThere are several rumors about this new terminal that we will see below.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Design

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone

We would find ourselves in front of a terminal with some really used frames, with two rear cameras and a small camera perforated on the screen located on the front when the Galaxy Z Flip is open. When the terminal is folded, we would find the two main cameras on the front.

It should be noted that, as in the case of the Motorola Rarz, the device would have two screens One that we could access from the outside, without having to unfold the mobile, and another that is rumored to have a diagonal of up to 6.7 inches with the screen open.

This means that we would not be facing a terminal that is too small, taking into account that the Motorola Razr has a 6.2-inch screen.

As for construction materials, the Galaxy Z Flip would be finished in high quality materials,due to the range to which that belongs. It is expected to have finishes similar to those already found in the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A huge screen with the hinge in the spotlight

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone

As we have commented previously, the screen would be 6.7 inches, this would have a design with tiny frames because it would be a fully exploited screen. The screen design that this new Galaxy Z Flip would have would correspond to Infinity O-Display whose design is focused on the high-end.

The panel would be built with Super AMOLED technology and it is rumored that the refresh ratewith which it counted would be 120 Hz. To give us an idea, the screens that we usually use have a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This provides greater fluidity when navigating the smartphone.

On the front, when the Galaxy Z Flip was folded, we would find a small screen which would probably get a really small size to check incoming notifications, although without the possibility of accessing any type of application or service, but only to view the icons of the incoming apps.

In this case, the screen would be covered by a glass which would be slightly flexible, in such a way that they would not be panels covered with plastic films, which offer a worse user experience and, as we already saw in the Samsung Galaxy Fold, can lead to problems.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: everything we know about the folding clamshell phone

The closing system is one of the main concerns of every consumer who is going to get a foldable mobile, since this is probably the most fragile mechanism that the terminal has.

It would have a hinge very similar to the one on the Samsung Galaxy Fold since it is a hinge which is specially designed so that does not retain dust and is resistant. The closure would probably be done magnetically, just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Good hardware


At the hardware level, the Galaxy Z Flip would have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, prior to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which would be the processor that the Samsung Galaxy S20 would mount.

Let's remember that Samsung only mounts Qualcomm processors in those models for the American market, although for the rest of the markets we don't know which Exynos processor would mount in the Galaxy Z Flip.

This processor would be accompanied by 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, although a possible version with 8 GB is also rumored of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

As we can see, the Galaxy Z Flip would have really superior hardware compared to the Motorola Razr which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor.

Samsung, as Motorola did, would not mount the latest on the market because the firms seek to make a device that is accessible in price to the majority of possible users, taking into account the high costs involved in the integration of this type of technology.

The battery is another of the key sections within the hardware, since being mobiles with a completely different design from what we are used to, autonomy was one of the most affected sections.

In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip would have two batteries, one located on the top, which would have an amperage With only 900 mAh, since it is located in the thinnest part of the terminal, it would be in charge of powering the front camera and the small notification screen.

The other would be larger, specifically it is rumored that it would have a amperage of 3,300 mAh to power the rest of the devices, although we must take into account that, if we add the amperage of both batteries, we would be talking about a total of 4,200 mAh

We don't yet know how fast this battery would charge, although rumor has it that we would probably have a 15W charger.

Cameras up to 108 MP

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Today, it is fashionable to introduce the maximum possible megapixels in terminals. In this case, it is rumored that Galaxy Flip Z would have cameras up to 108 megapixels as far as the main sensor is concerned.

The second sensor is rumored to integrate a telephoto lens with 5x zoom function natively. The front camera would be 10 MP.

On the subject of the megapixels of the rear cameras, there are different theories that range from 12 to 108 megapixels, so perhaps we are in the most confusing part of the terminal. Since some sources even talk about the terminal having a recording function of up to 8K.

One UI with Android 10

A screen with a huge refresh rate such as 120 Hz is not worth much, if we have software with slow software or an outdated version.

Samsung is one of the firms that takes the longest to release updates with new versions of Android, so enjoying Android 10 with everything we already know One UI could be really interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price and availability

The Galaxy Z Flip would come out with a price of between 1,600 and 18.00 euros and would be presented between late January and early February, as we remember that the new Samsung Galaxy S20 will be presented on February 11.

Samsung's main objective with the Galaxy Z Flip is to bring it closer to the majority of users since, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, is a terminal which cannot be found in large stores, nor in electronics stores such as Media Markt.

As we have mentioned, Motorola had to carry out a similar process so that the sale price was not too high and Samsung would be doing everything possible so that its new folding terminal, in this case clamshell type, can be seen in many of these shops.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Accessories

As with the special editions of the different devices, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip it would come with the Samsung Galaxy Buds, plus a leather sheath.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip would be available in colors very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, such as “Cosmos Black” and a “Space Silver”. Very serious colors for a terminal that, according to what was filtered, would not be suitable for any pocket.

We are facing a leak so the data revealed throughout the article is not always the version that will go on the market, so now we must be patient and wait for more details of the Galaxy Z Flip to be confirmed.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Do you like folding mobiles?

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