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How to disable update notifications in Windows 7
How to disable update notifications in Windows 7

Windows 7 support has just ended and an update is coming to Windows 7 that prompts you to upgrade to Windows 10, but you can turn that off notification in Windows 7 to prevent it from bothering you.

Notices have been a topic that has generated controversy in Windows for some time, with screens that even made it impossible to close However, On this occasion and despite being such an extremely important issue, update notifications can be removed.

And we are talking about an informative notice that notifies the user that his computer with Windows 7 is no longer supported, inviting him to upgrade to Windows 10in order to ensure protection against threats, regular updates, etc.

This is a message important enough to let it pass, as it also warns you that if you continue with Windows 7 you are more exposed to vulnerabilities, programs not updating, and many other things, but it's a notification that can be easily turned off.

The notification in question informing you to upgrade to Windows 10 may appear if you are still using Windows 7. It is not appearing at all users, so it will probably start to appear soon, especially after installing a certain update.

How to turn off update notifications in Windows 7
How to turn off update notifications in Windows 7

The warning appears after the installation of a program called “EOSNotifiy” which is included in the update KB4350734 released in December, so that the chances that the notification will appear sooner or later are very high if you have installed that update.

At any time you can jump to a blue screen informing you of everything we have told you so far, appearing several options that allow you to ignore the notification to see it later or permanently remove it so it doesn't bother you anymore.

Two options to remove the notification

By clicking on “ don´t remind me again”, the update notification will no longer appear, so you will see more the screen. Then you decide whether or not to continue with Windows 7, but it is best to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible to have greater security.

Another way to disable the notification permanently to go to Windows is to touch some settings in the Windows registry, but keep in mind that it is This is a risky action that you should be especially careful about because setting the wrong things can lead to system malfunction.

In any case, to disable the notifications in Windows 7 about the update so that this window does not appear again, to Although you can definitely discard them as we told you before, you must follow these simple steps:

Press the Windows + R key combination and type “regedit” in the window that opens. Now access the path “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\EOSNotify, if it does not appear, it means that you have not yet received the update that this program brings

How to turn off update notifications in Windows 7
How to turn off update notifications in Windows 7
  1. You should see a value called “DiscontinueEOS” that you will have to set to 1, if it isn't create it (right click/new/dword (32 bits) value) and set it to 1.
  2. Finally, close the registry editor window and reboot your PC and you should no longer see the notification in Windows 7, either at startup or later.

As we already mentioned, the best thing to do in this case is not to disable the notification and upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible, if If you don't want to, you can easily remove the window forever by clicking on “don´t remind me again”, another possibility being to modify some registry parameters, a riskier possibility that does the same thing.

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