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US and China sign truce: Huawei sees the light
US and China sign truce: Huawei sees the light

After a long and intense battle between the United States and China, now they sign peace and Huawei begins to see the light at the end of this tunnelthat seemed infinite. A tunnel where months of truces were linked to months of commercial struggle.

This peace has been signed with a fixed duration of 2 years, and it has not been free. The American government pressured China by raising export tariffs, thus managing to lead the Chinese government along the lines that Trump wanted.

Now, China has committed to buying $200 million worth of US products over the next 2 years. The rest of the details have not been made public, for fear of creating new conflicts in other markets.

But this is only the first phase after more than 20 months of trade war between the two world powers. Added to this is the fact that we are in a key year for Trump, since the elections to elect the president of the United States will be held on November 3, 2020.

Some details of this agreement between the US and China are the purchase of a certain amount of manufactured products, services, energy, agricultural, etc. All of this is what China is committed to.

For its part, the US government has committed (by signing the agreement) to cancel the tariffs it had imposed on China with a value of 156 million dollars. These tariffs would enter into force next December.

This excessive spending would be a serious blow for China to face. But the damage would be reciprocal, because this tax increase would also be felt by American companies.

The US and China sign the truce: Huawei sees the light
The US and China sign the truce: Huawei sees the light

The tariffs were focused on technology products such as mobile phones. Hence everything that happened between the US and Huawei. This agreement also contains a pen alty in case of non-compliance, such as the return of tariffs.

Tariffs have created alarm in all countries, and also in Europe. Now it is feared that the institutional relations between Europe and the US will harden to the point of suffering an increase in export and import taxes.

This serious situation would affect dozens of food and technology groups, as well as the automotive sector.

The second phase of this agreement between world powers leads us to know that on Trump's agenda there is a trip to Beijing to negotiate certain important issues such as China's taxes on American industries.

Huawei continues to be in the spotlight

Although this agreement between the two controversial governments is something historic, that does not eliminate the shadow that Huawei has been dragging for months.

The situation can improve, yes. And it will, but the fight that continues between technology and Washington will continue until further notice. But here the story takes a turn and it is that, in a recent press conference, Trump has said that he will allow American companies to trade with Huawei

This is how Huawei would get out of the "black list" in which Trump decided to include it by issuing suspicions of espionage between one country and another through the company's mobile phones.

So, according to the latest information, American companies could return to work with Huawei technology, and we hope that this will be very soon. This would end the problems of not having Google services on the devices of the Chinese company.

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