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How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online
How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online

The Australian Open 2020 has officially started, but now comes the most attractive part of the tennis tournament, so probably You are interested in how to watch it online so you don't miss anything that happens in the first Grand Slam of the year that has just begun.

As is the case with all sports, except for some football matches that are broadcast free on Gol Televisión, the Australian Open is only broadcast on streaming platforms payment, so you must go through the box if you want to enjoy the first tennis tournament of 2020.

In this case, there are some other platforms through which you can watch online the different tennis matches that will take place in the coming days Although if you are not willing to pay, you always have options to easily follow this competition online.

DAZN online

How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online
How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online

DAZN is a recently launched platform that offers a wide range of sports programming, including precisely the Australian Open 2020 This is an exclusive sports content streaming service, so here you can enjoy many competitions (soccer, tennis, etc.).

In the case of tennis, it broadcasts the different matches through two channels already well known to users. These are the channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, dedicated exclusively to sporting events and which will broadcast this important tennis tournament live online.

You will have to subscribe to DAZN if you want to see these matches, remember that you have 1 month of free subscription which can be for you to see the tennis online without paying anything, because before the month you can decide not to continue. If you like it, the subscription is priced at €9.99/month.

Movistar+ online

Movistar+ also has the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels, channels that have the rights to the most important tennis tournament of this beginning of 2020, so it is another option to take into account if you want to watch the Australian Open 2020 online.

To watch tennis online on Movistar+ you must contract the service, so look for the ideal package for you and that includes the channels This way you can watch the Australian Open on your computer, or even better, on your TV from the comfort of your sofa.

Eurosport online

How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online
How to watch the Australian Open 2020 online

Eurosport is the one that broadcasts the different matches of this important competition held in Australia, and you can subscribe to the service directly on their websiteThe monthly subscription costs €6.99, if you opt for the annual subscription you have two options, either a monthly fee of €3.99 or a single annual payment of €39.99.

In return you will be able to have access to all the sports that these channels broadcast, to be able to choose between several cameras to enjoy the events from all the angles, in addition to later reliving everything you want through its section of videos on demand.

If you don't want to pay any subscription that we have told you about, you always have the option to follow tennis through social networksParticipating in the hashtags and following the official account of the tournament to stay tuned for news, videos, photos, etc.

Sports newspapers are also a good way to follow the Australian Open 2020, just look for the specific tennis section and see all the available information there.

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