Siri thinks that Pedro Sánchez is the king of Spain
Siri thinks that Pedro Sánchez is the king of Spain

Siri has starred in a curious incident, because when he was asked who was the head of state in Spain, it said that they are both Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez, who is the current president of the Government and not the king.

Even more hilarious was asking her who the Queen of Spain is, since she also claimed that they are Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez. A new proof that the so-called "artificial intelligence" is easy to fool, since in some cases it can only trust information from third parties.

Even if the question was directly "Siri, who is the king of Spain?" the failure occurred the same way, something striking. If the wizard understood the meaning of the question, they would see the inconsistency of two unrelated people being king at the same time, but current technology doesn't go that far.

Although certain queries do come by default, in most cases Siri accesses third-party information available on the web. For example, if we ask about the movies on the billboard, it uses an external movie website.

That means that he makes very striking mistakes, such as confusing the king and head of state with the president of the Government of Spain. Queries are obtained from different services, including Google, Bing, and Wolfram Alpha, an artificial intelligence engine.

We have already seen surprising cases, for example, Siri confused the Bulgarian national anthem with the song "Despacito". In this case, it is not known if the error was accidental, or if some user managed to cause it by altering the sources of information, something possible on websites such as Wikipedia, for example, by modifying the corresponding article on Spain and its institutions.

Of course, Apple took just a few hours to correct the error, and Siri already indicates that the head of state is Felipe VI, without mentioning Pedro Sánchez together with the King of Spain.

Siri believes that Pedro Sánchez is the king of Spain
Siri believes that Pedro Sánchez is the king of Spain

Understanding, the bug went viral on social media, with users making jokes about Siri's confusion, others sparking political arguments, and some even doubting it even happened, despite screenshots taken by many iPhone owners

Although for a human it is surprising that Siri confuses King Felipe VI with Pedro Sánchez, voice assistant technology continues to be limited, and this is a reminder to be careful with the information you provide us, as it may contain serious errors.

What do you think of the failure of Apple's voice assistant with Pedro Sánchez and Felipe VI? Are you afraid that Siri will make mistakes in other types of information that it is not so easy for us to notice?

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