Rosalía already has an account on TikTok
Rosalía already has an account on TikTok

The popular artist Rosalía has just opened a TikTok, with which the short video social network wins another celebrity for the ranks her. TikTok has an audience, mainly teenagers, and its own ecosystem of "influencers", but more and more celebrities and brands create their profiles.

Rosalía enters TikTok with the user @rosaliavt (the same one she uses on Twitter) and the name "La Rosalía" in the profile, which has been immediately verified, and has uploaded some music videos. A safe bet, because humor, comedy and, especially, music triumph on TikTok, although in many cases playback is done.

Rosalía's arrival in the short video application may help make it more popular among the general public We have recommended some users to follow on TikTok, and almost all of them follow the same profile: they are very young, attractive and barely known outside of TikTok.

Rosalía already has an account on TikTok
Rosalía already has an account on TikTok

Despite the fact that Rosalía is only 26 years old, she is older than the usual average age on the social network, and she is well known for her artistic work, so she broadens the horizons of TikTok. In just a few hours, Rosalía has obtained 125,000 followers and almost 250,000 "likes", with which her premiere has been well received.

In the same way that the average age on Facebook has been rising and Instagram has become the fashion application, TikTok is one of the candidates to gain a foothold in the future. Of course, its objective is rather to consume content, a kind of YouTube with very short and direct videos.

Justin Bieber also recently launched his TikTok, so it looks like the platform is in for some rapid growth, which is likely to mean new types of videos coming from celebrities, brands, and even institutions.

Rosalía, although she was born in Spain, has achieved quite a lot of international repercussion, which is why she is probably gaining followers from many countries

Of course, TikTok's casual and eclectic approach fits quite well with Rosalía's style, although the 3 clips she has uploaded For now they're pretty straightforward, lip-syncing their songs in various everyday settings.

What do you think about Rosalía joining this platform? Do you think it is a social network to take into account in the coming months?

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