Xbox Series X, leaked its first real images
Xbox Series X, leaked its first real images

The new Xbox Series X has fewer and fewer secrets left, and now we know the first images console, filtered through a prototype. Its large size, the ports it includes and its numerous ventilation grilles are confirmed.

Although Microsoft has not yet confirmed them, we already knew the considerable dimensions of Xbox Series X based on computer designs, but the actual console was yet to be seen. The first photos, although their origin cannot be completely trusted, seem quite believable, and are consistent with what we know.

While Microsoft has already unveiled the Xbox Series X design, it did so partially, in a short computer-generated video, with no one seeing actual footage of the new machine, at least until the moment.

The front area would hold no surprises, next to the disc slot we would have the power button, another button forpair controllers and a standard USB port :

Xbox Series X, filtered its first real images
Xbox Series X, filtered its first real images

That is, Xbox Series X would not have USB-C ports and would lose the IR emitter to control the TV and other devices, at least according to the prototype.

The Xbox Series X ports were recently leaked, and again the data is confirmed. It will include a HDMI output (HDMI input removed), 2 standard USB ports, a connector Ethernet, the optical audio output SPDIF and the power connector:

Xbox Series X, filtered its first real images
Xbox Series X, filtered its first real images

The longest slot in the images raises questions, as it is not a standard port, so its function is not known. It could be intended for developers, and be removed in the commercial version, according to some theories.

Next to the barcode there is a hole, with the symbol of a lock. It is a Kensington security connector, to fix Xbox Series X using a cable and a lock, avoiding possible theft.

In the upper area of ​​the back case there is an oval groove which is not clear what it will be used for. Maybe it's a handle to carry the console around, another port for developers, or just beefed up ventilation.

And the fact is that the large ventilation grilles suggest a powerful console, which would dissipate a lot of heat. The upper part of Xbox Series X will be a grid, and now we verify that there are two others on the back.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will use a single fan, creating efficient airflow without generating a lot of noise. These grilles could be another hint that Xbox Series X will be more powerful than PlayStation 5, and for this reason it would need so much interior space and good ventilation.

In any case, the images clearly indicate that the console is not the final version, but a prototype, so it could receive some changes for its launch.

When it comes to hardware, Microsoft has been pretty quiet so far. We know that Xbox Series X will mount a AMD processor and graphics card, similar to those of PS5, and that the SSD storagewill make uploads faster.

Games will run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, making use of HDMI 2.1 innovations such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to synchronize the frames generated by the console with those displayed by the TV.

In any case, the new images of Xbox Series X already make it very clear what we can expect. Leaks from various sources have agreed on almost every detail, so there shouldn't be too many surprises regarding the design.

What do you think of the Xbox Series X images? Do you think they are real, or would you rather wait for Microsoft to fully confirm the console design?

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