Activate now the dark mode of WhatsApp through the beta
Activate now the dark mode of WhatsApp through the beta

WhatsApp has just been updated with a highly anticipated feature, the dark modeis already available, for now in the testing or "beta" version of Android. Luckily, installing the WhatsApp beta is very easy, so anyone can enjoy the dark mode.

The skin has already been leaked, so no surprises. Dark mode uses black and gray colors, reduces green elements, and is generally much less "bright" than the standard layout.

Of course, WhatsApp does not use full black, which means that mobile phones with OLED screens will not turn off the background pixels, with the consequent energy savings that it would entail.

Specifically, this function has been integrated into WhatsApp 2.20.13, the latest update released by its developers. This is the aspect of the dark mode that it is now possible to activate:

Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp now through the beta
Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp now through the beta

The arrival of a new feature in the public test version indicates that will soon be released to all users. In any case, we can already test it, since WhatsApp betas are usually quite stable, and rarely have serious bugs.

The easiest thing to do is to sign up for the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play, and then activate the dark mode in the application settings, following this route:

Settings -> Chats -> Theme -> Dark

If we prefer, it is also possible to enable the installation of apps from outside Google Play and download the APK file to receive the new version:

Actually, WhatsApp's dark theme code has been hidden for a long time in test versions, and there were tricks to activate it. Now everything is simpler, and no need to resort to complex systems.

Many apps have been updated with a more muted interface, especially after Android 10 and iOS 13 included this capability natively. WhatsApp was lagging behind, and it looks like it wants to catch up.

Dark mode will be comfortable for chatting in places with low light, or using your phone before sleeping. Since WhatsApp does not use shades of pure black, will not save appreciable power on OLED screens, but in return text legibility is better.

The messaging app gives us another good news just after learning that WhatsApp will not include advertising, and that it will opt for other sources of income. The new WhatsApp dark mode looks interesting so it's worth a try.

What do you think of WhatsApp's dark mode? Are you going to activate it now, or will you wait for it to be released to the whole world?

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