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Tinder will include photo verification
Tinder will include photo verification

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. The security that we are speaking with the person who claims to be on their profile is one of the key aspects, due to the number of fake profiles that exist. Now Tinder will check our face against the photos we have on our profile

On Tinder you can find profiles with photographs that are very far from reality, or that are directly false, which is a deception for the rest of the community, so now a system will check if they are authentic.

After the hack where they stole more than 40.000 photos from Tinder, the service has begun to “hands on” its security efforts by publicizing the alliance on Tinder and Noonlight Noonlight is a company whose catalog of services is quite extensive.

Noonlight has several developments based on artificial intelligence. All Tinder profiles must pass the control of Noonlight, this is a verification method which will be activated after uploading our photos to the app.

The verification process will consist in that as soon as the photos have been uploaded, Tinder will request access to the front camera of our smartphone, in such a way that if we deny access we will not be able to finish creating said account.

Tinder will include photo verification
Tinder will include photo verification

If we allow access and put a face similar to the one that will be shown in a drawing located to our left the process of verification of our profile.

For the moment, this verification process will gradually be integrated in most markets, starting with the US. The rest of the users will know that they are looking at a profile that has passed the verification system. verification successful because next to your name there will be a blue tick, which we can currently find in some countries.

The collaboration between Tinder and Noonlight does not end there, since it seems that after the hack Tinder has decided to provide the platform with extra security. In order to make online dating safer, Tinder will enable two methods with which it seeks to become safer.

Inform your friends if you are going on a date

The first has to do with Noonlight, whose artificial intelligence would be integrated into the chat and when it detects that we are dating a person we could collect said information, in such a way that Noonlight knows who is the person with whom we have met, in what place and at what time

This information would be useful if we want to share it with a friend in case any mishap occurs during the meeting.

Tinder will include photo verification
Tinder will include photo verification

Another inclusion is the so-called “ Safety Center ” (or security center), this is a new section in which we could request Please help if we have any questions. The section would be divided into three sections: “Guide”, “Tools” and “Resources” or what is the same, Guide, Tools and Resources.

Next, we will show you what we can find in each of the sections:

  1. Guide: We would find tips to keep an Internet date safely, such as meeting in public places.
  2. Tools: this section shows small tutorials on how to report a user or use Noonlight.
  3. Resources: finally, we would find different web pages and helplines about different organizations that are responsible for helping people of the same type sexual orientation.
Tinder will include photo verification
Tinder will include photo verification

As we can see, it seems that this alliance is quite beneficial for the social network,now we just have to wait and see when we will receive it and whether or not we will need Tinder Gold.

What do you think of these measures? Do you think they will be useful?

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