Morphin: fix "generating GIF" error
Morphin: fix "generating GIF" error

Morphin is a fun application to place our face in a GIF, but sometimes shows a "generating GIF" message and it stays blocked, preventing us from getting our personalized image.

In fact, it is one of the apps that we have recommended to put your face in a GIF, because the results are quite good. Sometimes, Morphin "hangs", which could make us think that its servers are saturated, because an image like this appears:

Morphin: fix "generating" error
Morphin: fix "generating" error

After doing some tests, we believe that the problem is caused by the selfie we uploaded, because if it is not clear enough, Morphin will it is blocked processing it. Instead of displaying a clearer error message, it says "generating GIF", but is unable to finish.

Therefore, the solution is to upload a valid selfiewhere it is easy for Morphin's artificial intelligence to identify her face and place it in a GIF. Some tips to achieve this are the following:

  1. Take a quality photo, sharp and with good lighting.
  2. Place the face well centered in the oval shown by the camera.
  3. Look straight ahead.
  4. Keep the face centered and symmetrical.
  5. Do not wink or smile asymmetrically.
  6. Avoid wearing glasses (especially sunglasses).
  7. Wear a T-shirt or sweater in a color that contrasts with your skin or beard.

These photos are two real examples, the first one is capable of generating the GIF, while the second one blocks Morphin and stays indefinitely showing the message "generating GIF":

Morphin: fix "generating" error
Morphin: fix "generating" error

If the system is not capable of processing a specific photo, the easiest thing to do is to take another one. Sometimes, even after taking a picture that complies with the rules, Morphin fails for no apparent reason.

In any case, it is also possible to record GIFs directly from the mobile, but the fun thing about Morphin is that it allows us to place our face in movie scenes, famous people and well-known memes, since it integrates it into a 3D version of the scene.

So the error of "generating GIF" in Morphin is not usually due to server saturation, just a problem with the selfie that we have uploaded, and it is solved by taking another slightly different photo.

What do you think of Morphin? Has this application given you problems when placing yourself in a-g.webp" />

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