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Google launches 3 apps to avoid "addiction" to mobile phones
Google launches 3 apps to avoid "addiction" to mobile phones

Google has been worrying, in recent times, about what is known as digital well-being. To this end, it has just launched 3 apps to avoid addiction to mobile phones, a problem that according to various experts is becoming more frequent every day.

A few months ago, the big G already launched 5 applications for digital well-being, to control and advise us on the hours we spend in front of the mobile or tablet screen, since, in many cases, it is even becoming excessive.



Envelope, only available at the moment for Pixel 3a, is an application, according to Google, that transforms our device into a simpler phone.

When you open the app, the first thing it tells us is to print a PDF and fold the paper into an envelope, and then place the phone inside. Then we must control the device through paper, having at our disposal only the call dialer and the camera.

This application is open source (GitHub) so that anyone can modify it, although at the moment only users with the Google Pixel 3a can enjoy it.

Screen Stopwatch

Google launches 3 apps to avoid "addiction" to mobile alt=

This Google application is nothing more than a counter in real time and as wallpaper, of thetime we use the mobile phone in our daily lives.

As it is evident, the counter will stop when the terminal remains with the screen turned off, but at the time of turning it back on, the counter will start again.

It can be an app that causes us a bit of anxiety by having that counter permanently on our screen, although that may be precisely the purpose.

Activity Bubbles

This app also sets us a own wallpaper. This time it will create bubbles that will get bigger the longer we spend with our phone unlocked.

If we block the terminal, the bubble stops growing and when we start working with the mobile again, the process continues.

When we have few bubbles we don't feel overwhelmed, but when we accumulate many, we begin to have the feeling that we are spending many hours with our mobile. That is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis application.

All of these applications that Google has created can help us spend less time in front of the screen of our smartphones and thushave more digital well-being.

Are you going to try them? Do you think you spend too many hours in front of your mobile?

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