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Legacy attacks in Pokémon Go: what they are and how to get them
Legacy attacks in Pokémon Go: what they are and how to get them

The so-called legacy attacks or "legacy" (by their name in English) are among the most powerful that can be achieved in Pokémon Go, as they are difficult to obtain, and are usually associated with time-limited events.

Strictly, any attack available in Pokémon Go becomes legacy when removed from the game and therefore no longer there is no way to activate it.

However, Pokemon that have that Legacy-type move keep it, increasing its value. Players who wish to obtain it only have the option of trading one of those Pokémon with a person who owns it.

Pokémon Go can reactivate a legacy attack at any time, although there is no clear policy on this, and it is not very common to do so.

The "legacy" can be fast attacks or charged attacks, depending on the case. Charged attacks tend to garner more fan interest, and are usually more useful.

Moves with a high attack capacity are sought, but it is not the only criteria. In player-to-player (PvP) combat, it also matters that the charged attack is ready early, even if it is less powerful, to deplete the opponent's shields.

Legacy attacks or "legacy" in Pokémon Go: what they are and how they are achieved
Legacy attacks or "legacy" in Pokémon Go: what they are and how they are achieved

Ways to Get Legacy Attacks

The most common way to introduce a legacy attack is on Community Day held each monthDuring the 3 hours of the event (plus an additional hour at the end), if we evolve the main Pokémon of Community Day, we get a special charged attack, not available until then.

After these 4 hours, we won't be able to get the move anymore, so it immediately becomes "legacy" status.

Sometimes it is possible to get the attacks in events, for example, in raids or raids. After defeating and capturing the pokémon we will see that it has a special attack, which at the end of the event can no longer be obtained.

It is also possible, in certain events, that some wild Pokémon have a special move, and we just need to locate and capture them.

They are not usually very good attacks, but legacy collectors will be interested in them, apart from the fact that they can become useful in PvP championships, especially if the rules limit the types of pokémon that can be used.

Finally, sometimes certain normal moves are removed from Pokémon Go. Attacks available on wild Pokémon, or that can be activated using a TM (Machine Technique) are removed, and become legacy.

Some powerful legacy attacks in Pokémon Go

It's a good idea always keep pokémon that have "legacy" attacks, after checking that they have good IV values ​​for combat. And it is that Pokémon Go sometimes readjusts the game, and useless movements become relevant.

However, there are a number of legacy attacks that are clearly superior, including the following:

  1. Shadow Ball (Charged, Ghost-type) for Mewtwo.
  2. Shadow Claw and Tongue (fast, Ghost-type) for Gengar.
  3. Hydrocannon (charged, Water type) for Blastoise and Feraligatr.
  4. Cross Slash (Charged, Fighting type) for Machamp.
  5. Meteor Fist (charged, Steel type) for Metagross.
  6. Anti-Aircraft (fast, Rock type) for Tyranitar.

It's a good idea to check our list of pokémon to see if we saved any lucky ones, considering that it is most likely that the "legacy " are among those captured months or years ago.

In certain events during which special attacks are enabled, a good option is to have two Pokémon Go accounts on the same mobile, as it allows you to get more creatures. For example, in a raid or raid, the chances of success are doubled.

In any case, the list is changing, because at any time the old movements can be re-enabled, or some of those currently available can be deleted.

The coveted "legacy" attacks are important to be competitive in Pokémon Go, and appeal to the collecting spirit of fans, but For the average player, they are not essential to overcome the challenges of the mobile title.

Do you have many "legacy" attacks in Pokémon Go available?

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