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Why does it say Francisco Franco in the Poco X2 logo?
Why does it say Francisco Franco in the Poco X2 logo?

There will be a new successor to the Pocophone F1 because, in fact, we already know even its release date and logo. The logo of the Poco X2 is to say the least curious in that it can be found, if we look closely, a reference to Francisco Francoand a hundred other people.

After many months of waiting, the next release of the Poco X2 has finally been announced At the moment we only know the release date of the Poco X2, in terms of specifications and design there are still no details about it, nor about its price.

So far everything is normal, the expectation comes from the Poco X2 logo. It is a striking logo in which a dozen names appear that may sound familiar to many people, but there is one in question called Francisco Franco who has raised expectations.

He is not the Francisco Franco you think

Well, some have wondered why the reference to Francisco Franco appears in the logo of the Poco X2, something that many associate with the person who has captured so much news in recent months, but nothing could be further from reality because the truth is quite different.

Why does it say Francisco Franco in the Poco X2 logo?
Why does it say Francisco Franco in the Poco X2 logo?

The names that make up the letters “X2” are well-known Android community users, so if you are within In that world of developers and well-known people, many of the names that appear in yellow will sound familiar to you.

Francisco Franco is actually a very young known Android developer who also has his own section on Google Play like the rest of developers, since he is the author of numerous free and paid apps (Simple reboot, Naptime - the real battery saber, etc.).

To further confirm this, let's go with another name that appears in the middle of the letter X, we see a larger reference to Manmohan Chandolu, it's no coincidence that he was mentioned here as he is the general manager of POCO in India and he couldn't be missing.

We could look at more names, but with these two mentions the intentions of the name of Little X2, it has nothing to do with these two mentions with the Francisco Franco you have in mind, but rather a well-known person in the Android world.

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